After reading this article you will know all the bits and pieces about test-mode apps and what you can use them for.

You have created a test-mode app. If not this guide will help: How to create extra apps on Timekit


  • Why have a test-mode app on Timekit
  • Restrictions within Test-mode apps
  • Resources in test-mode cannot be reused in live-mode
  • A Test-mode app cannot be converted to a live-mode app

Why have a test-mode app on Timekit?

A test-mode app is an isolated collection of projects, resources and bookings meant for development and test purposes only. Some may only need a single live app to complete their booking experience but in most cases using a test-mode app will make good sense. 

In short test apps are ideal to avoid mixing live data with test data or if the development of a booking experience is expected to take longer than Timekit's 14 days of trial that come with all live-mode apps.

Restrictions within Test-mode apps.
Test-mode apps will let you create a booking experience that is identical with booking experiences created in a live-mode app. This means test-mode apps have all the same features as live-mode apps the only constraint is that a given resource can only receive bookings from his own email address.

So when you've signed up for an account on Timekit and gone ahead and create a test-mode app, test-bookings can only be created by using an email in the booking UI that is similar to the resource you are booking - here

Resources in test-mode cannot be reused in live-mode.
Think twice when you create resources for your test-mode app. The resources you create in a test-mode app cannot be re-used when you at a later point create resources for your live-mode app. As email is a unique identifier on Timekit it's the resource's email that cannot be reused.

A Test-mode app cannot be converted to a live-mode app.
When you create a test-mode app it's important to remember that the app cannot be converted into a live-mode app. Consider your test-mode app as a test environment that is only meant for the initial development and subsequent test of new timekit features before you enable them for your live-mode app. 

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