After reading this article you will be able to use Timekit’s webhooks to trigger emails and other notifications via Zapier. 

This Guide focuses on sending out a Zapier email but the same approach will also work to trigger notifications with Zapiers more than 750 connected apps.

There are 5 simple steps in this guide and it will take less than 5 minutes to set up.



  • Step 1: Setup webhook on Timekit 

  • Step 2: Create a booking

  • Step 3: Handle the webhooks

  • Step 4: Design the email

  • Step 5: Disable email notifications

Note: Step 4 & 5 is where you need to change it up if you would like to trigger other Zapier Apps like sending an SMS, posting in Slack or creating a Trello card.

Step 1: Setup webhook on Timekit 

Goto your webhook setting

Remember to select the booking graph and the state that fits your use case. 

In this example, we are creating a webhook that triggers when a booking is confirmed which is why we have selected "Instant" and "confirmed". In case you wanted to send a custom email when the booking was canceled the booking state should be set as "canceled" or "canceled by customer". 

Step 2: Create a booking

Go back to Zapier and click "OK, I did this".

Zapier is now waiting for Timekit to send a webhook, so head back to Timekit Admin and create a booking

After making a booking you should see that Zapier has received a webhook (though it can be delayed up to 15 min).

Step 3: Handle the webhooks

Select "Email by Zapier" when choosing an action app (or whatever action you would like the webhook to trigger - SMS, etc).

Select "Send Outbound Email" in the next step to send an email via Zapier.

Step 4: Design the email

Now it's time to "design" the mail. First you need to select where to send the email. Select "Attributes Customer Email"

Next step is to design and write the subject and body of our email.

Step 5: Disable email notifications

Last but not least, disable the default Timekit notifications. Go to your app settings and toggle "Disable all emails".

You have now setup a webhook that will fire off an email next time you receive a booking in Timekit - congrats 🤘 

Note: Besides Zapier's own email engine Zaphier can also be used to trigger emails, SMS and other posts and notifications in services. We like these guys: 

Campaign Monitor

SMS & Chat
Burst SMS

Other Services

Check out Zapiers directory of more than 750 connected apps

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