FAQ on Billing & Payments

Need answers about billing and payments on Timekit? Check out these FAQ's.

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 1. How do Essentials, Professional and Platform subscriptions work?

We offer monthly three different plans, please refer to our Pricing page for details. All our plans are recurring, if you want to unsubscribe you should cancel your plan before your prepaid period ends (term end). 

You may process a cancellation under app settings by navigating to the billing settings tab and selecting cancel subscription.

 2. How do you get charged for your subscription?

You can sign up for a monthly Essentials, Professional and Platform plan and your subscription will remain active until you cancel it, as our plans are recurring. That means your credit card will be charged automatically.

 3. Why is my credit card being declined?

If your credit card was declined, it’s normally to do with your bank’s automated fraud systems, and not with Timekit or Stripe (our payment processor). If this happens to you, please make sure your credit card information is correct and try to submit it at least 3 times. If the transaction still doesn’t go through, you will need to call your bank to clear the transaction.

Every time Stripe submits a charge request to your bank, their automated systems determine whether or not to accept the charge. In order to determine this, they take several things into consideration, such as account balance and card expiration date.

Warning! Even if all of your card information is correct, and you have previously had a successful payment, a future charge might still be declined by a bank’s fraud systems.

4. Forms of payment we accept

Timekit is a prepaid online service, so all services are paid for upfront and before use. Because of this, we can’t support purchase orders, payments by PayPal or send you an invoice that requests payment. After any order or payment, an invoice/receipt detailing the transaction, and showing it’s been paid, is sent to the billing email address for your account.

5. Accepted Methods of Payment

We accept all major credit and debit cards:


American Express


6. Credit card options for billing

Timekit uses Stripe, a very well-established, secure, credit card payment gateway service to process your credit card payment.

7. Payments We Can’t Accept


Bank transfer (does not include Enterprise plans)

Wire transfer (does not include Enterprise plans)

E-checks and checks from international users

8. Edit Billing Information

While logged in, click on the lower left corner to expand your user menu, and select app settings.

Enter billing settings

Update your credit card by clicking the update billing button.

9. Delete Credit Card Information

You cannot delete your credit card information if you no longer want to use the card from your user menu. For this, you will need to contact support, and we will do it manually. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click on the chat support button.

10. How to view or download your statement

If you need a copy of your receipts/invoices to present to your accounting department, or for year-end tax calculations, you can view, print, and email receipts from your account.

While logged in, click on the lower left corner to expand your user menu, and select app settings.

Enter billing settings

Click download statements

This opens a new window in our subscription handling system - Chargify. You will be able to see all your invoices. Click on the one you’d like to see or print and it will open up in a new window of your browser. You can now print it or save it as a PDF.

11. Subscription cancellation

You can unsubscribe any time. Your cancellation will be effective at the end of the prepaid period, as Timekit does not refund for contracts canceled before the contracted period ends.

Please take into consideration that all plans are recurring, therefore, if you desire to unsubscribe you should cancel your plan before your prepaid period ends (term end). 

You may process a cancellation under app settings, billing setting by submitting your request via the cancel subscription button.

When you subscribe to one of our plans, Chargify creates the first invoice and takes note of the timestamp. This timestamp applies when the subscription is terminated. For instance, if you sign up at 8:30 AM UTC on Aug 5, the cancel time will be 8:30 AM UTC on the last day of the term (Sept 5 in this case).

Once the plan expires, your Timekit account will go into a locked state. This state can be unlocked by contacting customer service or re-entering a new Credit Card.

12. Downgrade due to non-payment

We have an automated process in place which attempts to bill your card several times over a period of 14 days before we cancel an account for non-payment.

If you get a notification email from our Billing department, and update your billing information before the end of the 14 days, our next automatic charging attempt will be successful and your subscription will carry on without any disruption.

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