What is a booking?

This article gives a brief introduction to the concept of a booking on Timekit.

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In Timekit terms, a booking is a request to occupy a time-slot in a calendar belonging to a resource. 

Depending on what kind of booking experience you're building a booking will have different characteristics. The cornerstone of a booking experience is what type of booking it consists of. These are the types of bookings that are available on Timekit:

  • 1-to-1 bookings: This booking type allows customers to book a specific timeslot with a specific resource.

  • Round robin bookings:  With this type of booking customers will book a specific timeslot that will be allocated to one random resource in a predefined team of resources.

  • Group bookings: This type allows multiple customers to book the same specific time-slot with a specific resource. As such, each booking resembles reserving a seat, much like a seminar, webinar or a class. 

Not depending on its specific booking type then when a booking is confirmed an event is placed on the resource's calendar and the resource is no longer available at the given time-slot.

Try creating either a 1-to-1 booking, a round robin booking or a group booking with these guides.

Note: a booking is more than its type. Learn about booking workflows and how to use them.

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