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Understand the basics of what Timekit is and how it can be used to create any type of booking experience

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What is Timekit?

Timekit is a set of unified APIs for time. If you are unsure what an API is, don't worry about it for now. The short version is that an API lets you build your application on top of other people's infrastructure. In the case of Timekit, you can utilize the Timekit APIs to kickstart your development and not have to worry about all the bits and pieces that goes into a full booking experience. At the core of Timekit are these APIs that you can build on top of when piecing together your own application:

  • Booking API - Manage yours and your users bookings

  • Availability API - Manage the availability of your resources

  • Resource API - Manage your resources (people or items)

  • Projects API - Manage all your different projects 

  • Notifications API - Fine grained control of how your users are notified about bookings

Everything in Timekit is build on top of the APIs; our Admin Dashboard, where you can manage all your projects, resources and bookings, and our booking widget, which you can embed on your website and in your applications, are all build on top of the APIs.

Everything that you see in the Admin Dashboard or in the booking widget, a developer can build entirely via the APIs. This is to say that Timekit can be used entirely out of the box (using our Admin Dashboard and the booking widget) or entirely customized by a developer to look and feel like it's a native part of your application. By the way, our booking widget is 100% open source, so you can see how it works behind the scenes (if you are a developer).

Who can use Timekit?

You do not have to be a developer in order to use Timekit. Just go ahead and create your projects and resources inside of the Admin Dashboard and copy and paste the link to your booking widget. This is all you need to start receiving bookings from your customers. However, if you have a developer, or you are one yourself, Timekit offers a wide range of customization options. You can integrate parts of Timekit into your own applications and customize the booking widget or you can build an entirely white labeled solution. It's simply a case of what you need for your project and which technical resources you have available.

If you are planning on using Timekit to book a few sales calls every week, you will probably be able to use everything out of the box. If you are building the next Uber, you will probably want to build entirely with our APIs and integrate Timekit seamlessly into your application.

If you want to discuss how Timekit fits into your project, click the blue chat button in the bottom right corner.

How does Timekit fit into my organization?

Before you start building, we recommend that you think about how Timekit fits into your organization. Are you wanting to use everything out of the box or are you planning on building your own solution with Timekit as an integral part?

Timekit is a very flexible set of building blocks and now is a good time to think about how you want to structure your projects in Timekit. In the next article, we help you map out your use case to the Timekit terminology so you can get started with your first project.

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