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Types of supported Microsoft accounts
Types of supported Microsoft accounts
Written by derrick mak
Updated over a week ago

Due to the way that Microsoft's synchronization API works, there's currently a limitation on which types of Microsoft accounts are supported by our sync engine.

In short, organizational accounts are supported whereas personal (free) accounts are not.


  • Office365

  • Azure AD,

  • Other types of organization accounts

NOT supported:



  • Hotmail

  • Other types of personal accounts

Technical explanation

Microsoft is working on bringing Change Notifications (real-time sync updates) to personal accounts, but it's currently only released in their beta version of their API which is not ready for live usage. 

You can see difference here:

Error message

If you try to connect with a personal account, you'll might see this error message from the Microsoft login screen:

AADSTS50020: We are unable to issue tokens from this api version for a Microsoft account. Please contact the application vendor as they need to use version 2.0 of the protocol to support this.

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