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Why do you need access to delete calendars in a Google account?
Why do you need access to delete calendars in a Google account?

This articles is aimed at helping you better understand our OAuth permission request.

Written by derrick mak
Updated over a week ago

The calendar delete scope is there because we allow you to create calendars via Timekit. The primary use of this is to store bookings in a separate calendar. This is particularly helpful if you use Google Calendar as your main bookings overview since you can then turn bookings on/of from the primary calendar. This also allows a resource to share their bookings calendar with a team lead or co-worker without having to share the primary calendar. 

So in order to provide you with the option to delete these calendars again we ask for the "delete access". 

It should be noted that we do not allow you to delete any calendars from a Google account that has not been created via Timekit. If you try to make a DELETE request to  and add a calendar not created by Timekit we throw a 403 FORBIDDEN error and tell it's not possible. 

Obviously there is a difference between what we allow our users to do and what we as a company can do. But we take privacy extremely seriously, so allow us to reiterate our privacy policy and put it crystal clear: 

  • We do not read any calendar data connected to Timekit

  • We do not read booking data including any meta data. 

  • We do not create or delete events in any calendar connected to Timekit

  • We do not create or delete calendars in any account connected to Timekit 

We make a set of tools available for you and you alone to utilize.  

Timekit as a company would only ever access your account for troubleshooting and only after getting explicit permission from you. 

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