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Scheduled Downtime and Maintenances
Scheduled Downtime and Maintenances

Downtime and Maintenances

Written by derrick mak
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We have a regularly scheduled window we use for upgrades and maintenance that downtime or system restarts. The window for this is every Tuesday between 12:00am EST and 2:00am EST. It is rare for us to actually use this maintenance window, but when we do, we aim to keep total weekly downtime for upgrades to less than 15 minutes.

How we communicate maintenance windows

- Regularly scheduled maintenance windows: No further communications will be sent unless the time needed differs from the regular schedule.

Periodically, if needed, we'll give advanced notice for unscheduled downtime and maintenance. Customers can find see these notices by opening the widget on the bottom right, clicking status and scrolling down.

If you wish to get an email about our updates, you can also subscribe through the widget

or you can subscribe directly on our status page as well.

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