After reading this article you know when it makes sense to have multiple apps on Timekit and how to set up an extra one.

There are 3 simple steps in this guide and it will take less than 1 minutes to set up a new app.



  • Step 1: Login and navigate to manage apps
  • Step 2: Create a new app
  • Step 3: Configure the new app settings

Introduction: Why have multiple apps on Timekit

Not to be confused with something you would download from app store, an app is simply an isolated collection of projects, resources and bookings on Timekit. Each app has its own billing plan and app owners. Often you would only need a single app to build your booking experience but some scenarios can require multiple apps setups. These two examples outline the most common reasons:

Example 1:
Building your booking experience will not be possible within the 14 days the free trial on Timekit runs. This is why you need a completely isolated sandbox or test environment. Timekit allows you to create test-mode apps.

Example 2:
You are a online agency or a similar business entity that are managing booking experiences for a number of clients from different companies. In this case multiple apps would allow you to create a completely isolated environment, with separate billing setups and different admins inside each app. As account owner you would be able to access each app through the same login credentials.

Step 1: Login and navigate to manage apps

While logged in to Timekit click to the settings menu in the lower left corner of the admin panels dashboard.

In this menu click "manage apps".

Step 2: Create a new app

When you navigated to the my apps menu click "create app".

Step 3: Configure the new app settings

As you are creating a new app you need to decide what kind of app you would like to create. 

Live mode: A live mode app is essentially a brand new app for live booking purposes. As mentioned a new app has its own billing plan and app owners but enables you, as app creator, to access it with your own credentials.

Test mode: A test mode app is for development and test purposes. Test apps are ideal to avoid mixing live data with test data or if the development of a booking experience is expected to take longer than Timekit's 14 days of trial that come with all Live-mode apps. 

Learn more about the constraints and functionalities of test-mode apps. 

Select the type of app that fits your need and click "Create app".

You have now created a new app that can be accessed through the manage apps menu.

If you got this far you're a Timekit Superstar ⭐️

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