NB Before you create group events, your app needs to be on a basic or pro plan. In the overview, you will see which plan your app is on and you can upgrade from a free plan before jumping into group booking territory:

Navigate to the Projects page by pressing the Projects link in your left sidebar, once this is done, you can create a new project by pressing the top right 'Create project' button.

Pick the 'Many to 1' option and give the project a fitting name to make it easy for you to navigate your dashboard.

On the Display tab, give your projects widget an appropriate display name for your customers; in our example, it's a series of webinars.

Next, go to the 'Availability' tab and create the event slot:

Here, you pick how many seats should be available for this event along with the date, time, duration and location for the event. In this example, we set up the first of 3 webinars limited to 10 people, which is why we point that out in the event name, dubbed "Webinar 1 of 3 (10 Seats)" and also named the location "Online".

On the second to last tab, decide whether you want to send out reminders; here we've chosen to send out email reminders to the participants 24 hours before the event, with the catchy  "See you at our webinar tomorrow!"

Finally, check in the 'project preview' that the projects widget looks correct, before copying the embed code and putting the new group project live on your website or app so your customers can start booking seats for your webinars.

If a time slot/event is fully booked, it will no longer be visible in your projects widget. Though, if a participant cancels his or her seat, the event will automatically re-open for new entries until the class is fully booked.


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