In the sidebar, press on the 'Projects' link in your navigation.

  Create a new project via the link in the top right corner, or click on an existing project you want to edit and update.

Give the project a relevant name and choose to either make your project a 1-to-1 booking type, or a many-to-1. The first meaning only 1 person can book a slot, the second multiple people per slot.

Here's a list of the various settings for each of the project settings tabs:  


  • Your name for the project.
  • The project name or description that is shown in the projects widget.
  • Add a fitting avatar to your projects widget.
  • Choose the time and date format and whether you want to show a time zone helper.
  • Customize/translate buttons and texts for the projects widget  (if needed).
  • Choose whether the projects widget should be displayed as a week calendar or a list.
  • Delete the project (caustion, this action is non-reversible!).


  • Should booking confirmations be automatic or manual?
  • Which customer inputs are relevant for your use case?


  • What do you want your events should be called (e.g. sales call)?
  • Location of the event.
  • Event duration.
  • Booking interval; within what timeperiod is it possible to make a booking (e.g. from, in 1 hour and 6 weeks ahead).  
  • Include ressources to this exact project. Double checking that the project is tied to the correct calendar.
  • Config the ressource by including opening hours, filters and rules.


  • Create and delete event-reminders for you and your customers, e.g. 30 minutes before each event, by email with subjectline "Your event is starting soon!".


  • Choose a unique slug for your project. This creates a unique url for this projects widget that can be shared or linked to.
  • Copy/paste the embed code into your website's HTML. The project will then be shown where you place the code. 

You are now done with setting up your project!

If you want additional help, we've added a dictionary with some of the more frequently used words and phrases here at Timekit.

We're always ready to help. Just click the chat button in the bottom right corner, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, you should totally let us know when and where your project is live. It always triggers high fives and fist bumps in our office.

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