Timekit is a marriage between a simple non-technical web app and a fully comprehensive API platform. What this means is that you can choose how simple or how custom you want to work.

Using the Admin Dashboard

100% simple and non-technical setup utilizes our Admin Dashboard for all configuration. This is great for small projects with few customizations and when it need to go live fast.  

If you are looking for a simple no-fuss, non-technical setup you should check out our articles in the "Using the Admin Dashboard" section.

Customize the booking widget

You don't have to settle for the features or design that we have chosen. A 100% simple and non-technical setup will still enable software developers and designers to customize for a more native look and functionality.

Check out our articles in the "Customize the Booking Widget" section if you want to customize the customer or attendee UI experience.

Working with the API

If you need a powerful and deeply customized booking experience then utilizes our API to get everything exactly how you need it. This is great for projects that have very specific or complex needs. 

The articles found under "working with the API" is targeted the team who wish to go as custom as possible.

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