After reading this article you will be able to use Timekit’s webhooks to trigger Slack messages and other notifications via Zapier.

Note: this guide focuses on Zapier triggering Slack messages but the same approach will also work to trigger other notifications with Zapiers more than 750 connected apps.

There are 7 simple steps in this guide and it will take less than 5 minutes to set up.



  • Step 1: Create a reminder on Timekit.
  • Step 2: Setup Zapier to post in Slack.
  • Step 3: Select action.
  • Step 4: Select your Slack account.
  • Step 5: Setup your Slack message.
  • Step 6: Test the integration.
  • Step 7: Head over to Slack to see your message.

Step 1: Create reminder on Timekit.

Go to your projects overview in the Timekit Admin Panel, select a project and click reminders in the top menu bar. Click "Create reminder" in the top right corner. Copy the Zapier webhook URL you got from this guide. Choose how long before a meeting you want the reminder. For this guide we will choose the default, 30 minutes before the booking occurs.

Step 2: Setup Zapier to post in Slack.

Navigate to your Zapier account. Create a new action by searching for the Slack app. When you find it then select it (not the Legacy version).

Step 3: Select action.

Select the action you want to happen in Slack. In this example we will choose "Send Direct Message". Any other option will also work. 

Step 4: Select the Slack account.

Select the Slack account you want to use.

Step 5: Setup a Slack message.

Now you need to decide which person is going to get this message and what content you want to post.

Step 6: Test the integration.

Step 7: Head over to Slack to see the test message

You have now setup a webhook that will fire off a Slack message 30 min before all upcoming bookings in the selected project - Hooray 🤘 !

Note: Besides Slack Zapier can also be used to trigger emails, SMS and other posts and notifications in services. We like these guys: 

Campaign Monitor

SMS & Chat
Burst SMS

Other Services

Check out Zapiers directory of more than 750 connected apps here.

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