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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Some frequently asked questions we get from our partners

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Resource related



How do I change the account creator's email address?

Workaround: What we recommend is adding a new resource, then going to Account settings and adding them as an Owner.

If you absolutely need to change the designation of 'account creator' to another email address, because the email no longer exists, please let us know.

How do I change a resource's email address?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done as emails are immutable.

Workaround: We recommend deleting them and sending a new invite to the new email.

Important note:

  1. Deleting resources are final.

  2. If the email doesn't exist on another account it will be a hard delete (meaning removed completely).

  3. If the email exists on another account it will be a soft delete (removed from the account but not from any other account the email is attached to).

  4. When adding an email that already exists, Timekit will re-send an invitation email to the existing email.

When we try to recreate the Timekit resource for this person, we receive an error saying that the email has already been taken.

You will only get this error if you attempt to create a resource via an API call for an email that has already been added to our database. To get around this, you can either add the resource via the admin page, or use the 'invite' endpoint, which you can learn more about here:

Can resources delete projects?

No, resources cannot delete projects - even ones they made they are not able to delete. If you wish to have a resource delete a project, you'll have to set them as an owner via Account settings.

How do I change my Timezone?

If your Timekit account is NOT integrated with Google or Microsoft, then you can simply login, go to User settings, and then change the Timezone there.

If you are integrated with Google or Microsoft, then Timekit automatically syncs the timezone over from your account settings.

For Microsoft, you can simply login to account, then go to your calendar view, then click the gear icon. From there, you should see "current timezone", so if you update it there and then go back to Timekit and sync your account, it'll automatically update.

For Google, you can log into your Google account, navigate to your Google Calendar, click the gear icon, set your primary time zone, then go back into Timekit and sync your account and it'll automatically update.

Note: In some cases, these settings are controlled by your administrator and will have to be adjusted on their end if you do not have access.

Billing/Account related



How do I change the email address that the invoice gets sent?

Log into your account, click Account settings on the lower left, click Billing at the top, click Download statements at the bottom, click My Account on the top right, change the Email here, and click save.

Can I pre pay for a year?

Currently, we only allow prepayment for a year on our Enterprise tier.

Do I need a credit card? Can I use Paypal or another payment service? Do you accept invoicing?

We can do invoices; however, this is only for our Enterprise tier. Any other special sort of payments would only be applicable to our Enterprise tier.

How long does it take for a refund to be processed?

Refunds can take up to 3 business days.

Can I pause my paid subscription?

There isn't an option to pause paid subscriptions at this time.

Can I get the Projects and/or Resources endpoint available on my Professional plan?

We're evaluating our tiers and may change what access is given at each tier; however, for now the Projects endpoint and the Resources endpoint are only available on the Platform and Enterprise tier.

Is there a way to export all our application settings, project settings, resource settings, blocks, availability, recurring working hours, etc?

There's currently no way to do this. You could simply make a call via the API to get this info though. If you're cancelling your subscription and are thinking of coming back in the future, you wouldn't be able to load this data to have everything set up again; it would simply be data to help you recreate your previous application.

How do I delete/cancel my Timekit account?

Simply login to your Admin dashboard, click Account settings, and then click the trashcan icon next to Account settings at the top of the page. You an click the image below to see how to cancel and how to delete your slug:

Booking related



How do I change the time/date/name on a booking?

Unfortunately, this is all set when the booking is initially created. There is no way to edit an event that has already been created. (please see note*)

Workaround: We recommend cancelling the event, and in the cancel notes section, put in a link to reschedule with the updated info you wish.

note: The only data points you can change after a booking has been created is the booking state and the booking metadata. We are looking into an enhancement to allow more changes post creation, but for now these two are the only changes allowed.

Extra note: Some users have tried to manually change the time by clicking and dragging the Timekit created Google event in their calendar to another timeslot. We do not recommend doing this as Timekit will see both the original and the new timeslot as booked. Please cancel and choose a new time instead.

Why are reminders not being sent for my bookings that were made before I created the reminder?

Reminders are active on a booking only if the reminder was created 'before' the booking was created. New reminders created after a booking has been created are not retroactive.

Availability/sync related



Why do I get an error when my resource tries to sync their calendar after I've created them and added them onto my application?

Syncing a calendar requires an integration with either Google G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365. When a resource is initially created, this integration does not automatically occur. Please have your resource go to and complete the integration by using the "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Microsoft" button.

Timekit does not show the appointments we make in Google Calendar, but the ones in Timekit show in Google Calendar

Timekit handles the booking and displays bookings made in Timekit. Resources would check their own Google calendars to see Timekit bookings and Google Calendar bookings. The admin dashboard is simply an example set up that can be used for simpler cases and for developers to review and build a more in-depth version by using our APIs. If you wish to have page/portal that would display both, a developer could look into making a page that calls the Timekit API and Google Calendar API to combine and display both.

When I updated the blocks and availability, everything disappeared

This is because there's a limit to the data that can be sent to Timekit. We've seen some customers sent upwards of 600 constraints via the API to update a resource's Specific working hours, but some of these constraints can be 6 months outdated. The easiest way to avoid having everything blanked out is to only send updates that are required.

When I try to set a block on a certain date and time, it disappears.

This is very likely due to a Daylight Savings Time bug we have an open ticket to address. Daylight Savings for 2022 is Mar 13, 2022 at 2am-3am. What you can do as a workaround is block the hours you want but exclude 2am-3am on those days with Daylight Savings time. An example is below:

Webhooks related



Why is my webhook URL being truncated?

There is a limit of 255 characters for webhook URLs

Can you confirm whether web API calls trigger webhooks or not?

Yes, we can confirm this. In fact, we trigger webhooks via Postman when testing and troubleshooting.

System related



Do you have regularly scheduled downtimes?

Can I subscribe to get Timekit status updates for system issues?

Yes, you can click subscribe to updates on the top left here:

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