What is a resource?

Understand the concept of resources and why they are more than "humans".

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In Timekit terms, a resource as anything that can be booked. This means anything from real people to bookable entities. Your staff are resources, your conference room, you car, your apartment etc.

Structurally resources reside under apps and have one or more calendars attached. For all common use-cases there is no need to have more than one calendar per resource, but since this is a possibility for google-synced resources, we need to take that into account.

Why add more resources? 

While Timekit can work for you alone, it can sometimes be beneficial for your customers to have more options. Fx., by adding co-workers or more resources you can create things like Round-robin bookings that pool availability from multiple resources and produce one booking-widget for the entire team (eg. a sales team with multiple sales reps offering product demos). 

How to add more resources?

There are a few ways you can add new resources to your Timekit app. One method is to use our admin dashboard. 

Need to add more resources this way - try this article.

How to add more resources programmatically?

As the most developer-friendly booking solution, Timekit also supports that you can "build resource creation"  directly into you own app. This makes sense specifically for those building larger marketplaces or applications where Timekit is powering the booking part of your application.

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